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Tulsa Educare serves 540 low-income children (who meet the federal poverty guideline) in three state-of-the-art community centers, providing a range of educational, medical and social-emotional supports for children six weeks through five-years-of-age. Opened in 2006, Tulsa Educare I is located alongside Kendall-Whittier Elementary School and Tulsa Educare II opened in 2010 adjacent to Hawthorne Elementary School in North Tulsa. In August of 2012, Tulsa Educare III opened across from Hale Junior High, near the 21st and Sheridan intersection.  Educare IV will be a collaboration with Tulsa Public Schools and will be located in East Tulsa at a site to be determined. Tulsa Educare is a flagship program—a model of excellence that illustrates to both the public and private sectors the impact that high quality early education can have on children’s lives. In a post-welfare reform society, in which half of all families who formerly received direct cash assistance in order to stay home with their children have now joined the workforce, the need for appropriate childcare is vital.  Tulsa Educare involves many community partners to provide the optimal array of services for families: health, mental health, GED classes, workforce training and the list goes on. Research shows that low-income children gain a dramatically greater opportunity for emotional, social, financial and cognitive success if they are provided intensive educational opportunity at a very early age. The Abecedarian Study followed a group of children from disadvantaged families who participated in such a program and found, upon reaching 21 years of age, that 50% more of them had demonstrated significantly higher levels of accomplishment than had the children in the control group. Tulsa Educare has adopted the critical elements of the Abecedarian program—elements that generated demonstrably greater success for those children enrolled. Parent participation, through life-skills and job readiness instruction, parenting support and family literacy training are available.