Jeff Stava

Jeff Stava brings a corporate background to the Tallgrass Community Development staff and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of the Tulsa Community Foundation.  Prior to joining TCF, Jeff was the President and CEO of Outdoor Innovations and SportsWire, LLC. Jeff helps set the foundation’s strategic vision and works to increase efficiency while maintaining superior service for donors and nonprofit agencies. In addition to his role as COO, he serves as the executive director of the Tulsa Beautification Foundation where he works on projects including downtown revitalization, neighborhood improvements, and I-44 corridor improvements – all of which serve Low-Income Communities.  He serves as a member of the board of directors for Tulsa Park Friends and the Greenwood Cultural Center, which also serve Low-Income Communities. Jeff’s commitment to Low-Income Communities and proficiency in business provide GKFF with additional capacity in providing Financial Counseling and Other Services to Low-Income Communities in Tulsa. Jeff is also the Executive Director of The Gathering Place – a 90 acre, $150 million park project in Tulsa; the largest park project under construction in the United States. Jeff is a Tulsa native with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Baylor University.  He serves as Chairman of the Tulsa Industrial Authority and is a board member of the Tulsa Airport Authority.