Dwain E. Midget

Dwain E. Midget received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Memphis (formerly Memphis State University), a Master of Science degree in International Relations from the University of Nigeria, and a Juris Doctorate at the University of Tulsa Law School. Dwain has worked in the Mayors’ Office since 1989 and currently serves as Director Community Development and Transportation. In addition, Dwain serves as Director of the Working In Neighborhoods Department. Dwain directed the City of Tulsa Home Ownership Tulsa Partners Initiative, represents the Mayor as a member of the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, Gilcrease Board of Trustees, the Tulsa Park and Recreation Board, serves as the City’s representative on the Tulsa Area Community Intervention Center (CIC) and provides planning, policy development, research assistance and administrative support to various departments, boards, governmental entities and community groups.